SUNCards™ are decks of cards that were developed by a 10 year old girl, and use evidence based strategies like cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology, and random acts of kindness to help kids manage their anxiety. They feature lovable monsters who share confidence building  positive affirmations, and helpful tasks for redirection. Best of all, for every deck purchased she is donating another deck to a nonprofit who serves kids.

Each deck comes with 50 cards, in three styles. Sunshine cards (20 total) have mindful tricks and positive sayings and affirmations.  Action cards (28 total) have helpful techniques to help kids refocus on something positive instead of their anxiety, worry or trouble. The last group of cards are called Spread the Sunshine cards (2 total), and are intended to help you with random acts of kindness. All cards feature lovable monsters to help convey each message. 

Each deck is packaged in a standard tuck box with an information booklet. This deck of cards is small and easy to keep with you. Perfect for helping you manage your worries on the go, it will fit easily into your backpack, school desk, or even your pocket.  

SUNCards are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

SUNCards can be used in home, clinical, and educational settings. Here are some suggestions for how to use our cards.

  • If you are actively feeling anxious, select an Action Card and use the technique to try to calm yourself. You may find that multiple cards will be the winning combination. Once you are calm, select a Sunshine Card to give yourself a boost of confidence for a job well done.
  • If you want to practice your coping skills, select an Action Card and think about a time when this technique would be helpful. It might be something you recently experienced for the first time or a worry or fear that you deal with often. Practice the technique so that when you are actively presented with your worry or fear you can recall the technique to calm yourself.
  • If you are feeling a little down and need a boost of confidence, select a Sunshine Card and read it out loud to yourself. Staying in a positive frame of mind may help you ward off some of your anxious moments.